Webinars and Seminars

Seminars, Road Shows and Other Events

Live and online events provide a more dynamic and interactive way to present your products and technologies. Whether it’s making the case for an architectural approach or presenting best practices for how to deploy your product a live or online presentation can deliver more information in less time than any printed report.

Howard is an accomplished speaker having presented at industry conferences for over twenty years including delivering the most popular tutorials at PC Expo for the last four years of that event.

Seminars and Road Shows

Howard has been teaching backup and storage for virtualization seminars around the country for several years. Vendors have discovered that Lunch and Learn or dinner seminars with independent content can attract users to hear their message.


A typical webinar will have Howard present the business case for and an introduction to the technology used in your product. A sponsor speaker then takes over and makes the pitch for their specific product.

While PowerPoint driven webinars are most common we can produce web content in additional formats including video product reviews, live or animated “chalk talks” and How-Tos.

Quotes from seminar and webinar attendees:

“Great easy to understand presentation. Howard kept it lively”

“Mr. Marks has a great sense of humor which makes it easier to follow the discussion”

“Most valuable part of the day was the Q&A session time to speak with Howard”

“Howard’s excellent technical knowledge”

“Howard gives a great presentation”

“Howard Marks- informative and entertaining”

“Structure- started with what we know. Explained what we’re buying, gave an insight into where we are going”

“Howard Marks is a great speaker”

“Great topic, informative, well presented, very worthwhile of my time, very organized” –Steve Machovina, Revol Wireless

“Great speaker, good explanations, right amount of detail” –Lee Calhoun, Columbia University