Lab Services provides a variety of services to technology vendors based on our experience as network & storage journalists and practitioners.

We concentrate on testing, evaluating and educating users about our client’s products and technologies.

We believe the market is best served by realistic, reproducible testing. We therefore use widely available software and dedicated test equipment from Shunra, Ixia, Spirent and Aposite to perform our testing. Where we must create our own benchmarks and/or test datasets, we make them available for download so users can compare their current configurations to those we publish test results for.

Client input into testing plans is welcome but we will resist “test engineering” that creates artificial environments to show a client’s product in the best light or to make a competitor look bad. We believe test results that have maximum value for the reader will similarly have maximum value for our clients. Our test results for block disk arrays, NAS devices and backup targets are reported relative to well known reference devices in addition to standard units such as I/O operations per second and MB/s.

In order to make results as comparable as possible between tests over time, we prefer to test in our lab. Should this be impractical, we will perform testing at a client or third party location.