Looking at my friend Stephen Foskett’s Enterprise IT Events Calendar I sometime think I could do nothing all year but attend conferences.  That would unfortunately mean I’d have to give up beating storage equipment into submission in the lab for a living—So I have to pick and choose the events I attend.  I’ve nailed down my schedule for at least the first half of 2012 and thought I’d let you know where you’ll be able to find me.

This Year’s Seminar Series: Storage for Virtual Systems

Last year I spent what felt like half my life teaching Next Generation Backup School in 21 cities across the English speaking world for Tech Target.  While I loved teaching the classes and interacting with the folks that attended the sessions, the travel was a bit much.

This year I’ll be touring with the half-day seminar Storage for Virtual Servers and Desktops.  In this seminar we’ll talk about the complications virtualization presents for storage architects, the best practices for setting up storage, choosing storage protocols and systems and how to backup your virtual servers and VDI environment.  The seminar ends with a close look at some of the storage products targeted specifically at virtualization from vendors like Virsto and Tintri.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Virtual systems use storage differently
  • Shared storage is a must
  • The I/O blender creates random I/O
  • Storage networking options – Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS (NFS/SMB 2.2), SAS
  • VM storage patterns
  • Optimizing performance with the tools you have
  • How virtualization changes the backup landscape
  • Managing your storage from the hypervisor console
  • Storage system features and hypervisor integration (VAAI, VASA, etc.)
  • Using Flash to accelerate system I/O
  • How deduplication fits in
  • Virtual storage appliances
  • Virtualization optimized storage systems

Tech Target seminars are free to qualified end users. A group of sponsors will set up tabletop displays in the room where we serve coffee and Danishes and make short presentations between my sessions.  As always my presentation is based exclusively on my opinions as I try hard not to let the fact that a vendor is or isn’t a sponsor.

The full schedule of cities, a more detailed description, and registration information are available at http://storagedecisions.techtarget.com/seminars/storage_virtualization.html.

SSD and Archiving Workshops at Interop

On Sunday May 6 I’ll be teaching two half-day workshops in the storage track at Interop at the Mandalay Bay hotel, casino, expo center and boom-boom room.  Using Solid State Disk To Accelerate Applications in the morning and Archiving Data for the Long Term in the afternoon.

Using Solid State Disk To Accelerate Applications is an introduction to the types of solid state storage available to system administrators and its use to speed up application performance.  Topics covered include:

  • Storage and application performance
    • The Metrics: throughput, IOPs and latency
  • Solid State Storage Media
    • DRAM
    • Flash Memory
    • How Flash Works
    • Blocks, Pages and memory wear out
    • SLC, MLC and eMLC
    • Future Players like Memristors and Phase change memory
  • Anatomy of a flash SSD
  • Solid State Form Factors
  • Deployment options

Archiving Data for the Long Term explores solutions to the squeeze many organizations are in between over growing data volumes and lengthening retention requirements.  We’ll discuss the challenges to retaining data for 10, 20 or more years knowing that you’ll be able to retrieve any particular email in a timely manner when an eDiscovery request asks for it. Topics covered include:

  • How primary storage, archives and backup data are different
  • Setting archiving goals
  • Archiving data from common sources
  • How to sell an Archive project to management
  • What to look for in an archival storage system
  • Choosing Storage Technologies for Archiving
    • NAS and disk arrays
    • Deduplicating appliances
    • Tape – It’s not dead you know
    • Object stores and RAIN systems
  • Using cloud storage in the archive
  • Protecting archival data
  • Mitigating migration costs

For a more detailed description of each workshop on the Interop site click on the workshop’s title/link above.  For registration information go to the Interop site at this URL: http://www.interop.com/lasvegas/registration/

At Interop I’ll also be appearing on a panel What’s Next in Storage with NetworkComputing editor Mike Fratto and Wikibon’s Stu Miniman on Tuesday May 8th at 11:30AM.

The Conference Schedule

In addition to Interop, I’ll be attending several other conferences to meet with folks in the industry and learn what’s coming next.

First on my 2012 calendar was  HP’s Storage Tech Day in Ft. Collins Co. last month. I had a great time and learned a bit about both HP storage and VAAI while I was there.  I blogged about Storage Tech Day in my NetworkComputing blog here.

Next will be the Tape Summit in San Francisco on March 6th and 7th. The Tape Summit is an invitation-only analyst event run by Greg Duplessie and the rest of the ExecEvent staff, where the tape industry fills us in on the latest tape technology and use cases.  As I’ve said several times tape is not only not dead. but can be the best solution for organizations with multiple petabytes of data.

April 2nd-4th brings me to Dallas for Storage Networking World where I’ll spend several days in for vendor briefings and discussions with end users. Then it’s off to Silicon Valley for Storage Field Day from April 25-27th, another of Stephen Foskett’s assemblage of bloggers, analysts and thought leaders.  Strange things like FCoTR develop at Tech Field day where we insist vendors always take the technical deep dive.

I should just move to Las Vegas for the month of May because 2 weeks after Interop I’ll be back at the other end of the strip for EMC World at the Venetian on the 21st-24th. I’m sure I’ll be spending some time in the blogger’s lounge hanging with some of my favorite folks.

If you’d like to brief me, or just meet and say hello at or around any of these events drop me an email or tweet @DeepStoragenet.

–        Howard

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